Friday Footnotes


A friend found this little gem this week, and it makes for great fun to read! Some of my favorite Shakespearean insults are: "You heedless jolt-heads," "A pox damn you muddy rascal!" Or combine them for hyperbolic effect such as, "Sanctimonious pirate, you ruinous butt!"


Liking this fresh spring color combination of mint and yellow!


I've been inspired to include more paintings in our home decor. I'll be searching this First Friday weekend in Kansas City's West Bottoms-turned antique district for some different pieces.


You had me at St. Germain and fresh thyme. In my house, my husband makes the cocktails, so I'll be sure to pass this gimlet recipe onto him.

d590e7af49d7600729ff9fb8430e7e02The Grand Budapest Hotel was fantastic. I knew I would like it, because I love all of Wes Anderson's films. Budapest was uber stylized, a visual treat!My husband, the graphic designer, said it had the most beautiful typography. The movie was zany, ridiculous, charming, and hilarious. Loved it. I said that already.

Happy Friday!