Friday Footnotes

I liked this little list. Doing the little things to create a clean space is good for your routines and your spirit! What would you change or add?c7a57b9551644bc75a1448b6afc727ff


















A story from Refinery 29, about beauty not meaning perfection. This woman is obviously gorgeous, she also is African-American and has Albinism. This often results in low vision, and I had a little student who might grow up to look like this. Albinism is part of this woman's beauty.



I picked up a few cold weather accessories at Target this week in a 30% off sale. One thing was this gray knit cowl scarf, and I've worn it for three days straight! I love it. It's not sold online, so get thee to a Target for this steal, or check out their other fun things like a faux-fur infinity scarf.












This Cinnamon Crunch Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise from Canadian blog Seasons and Suppers, looks like the perfect delectable holiday dessert!



















Because somewhere inside me is a fifth-grader, last year I bought my friend and I corresponding Fox and Owl sweaters. So I appreciated this inspiration for a new way to wear it!


















Happy Friday!