Visual List: An Autumn Hike

What better way to take in the Fall foilage and ingest the brisk Autumnal air than to go for a hike! Our plan for this Saturday morning is to rise early, brew the coffee for the thermos and drive north to Weston Bend State Park to take in the views from the lookouts and tramp merrily through the forested trails, taking copious photos with our phones. If we're quite alone on the trail, or just don't care, we may read aloud Ode to the Autumn Wind, or sing a song or two. Know any good songs for hiking?Autumn-Hike



1. Autumn Path// 2. Hat with pom// 3. Ode to the West Wind// 4. Travel Watercolor Kit// 5. Vest//

6. Socks// 7. Backpack// 8. Flask from the Past Travel Bottle// 9. Hiking Boots//