Visual List: Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor movies are great fun, and a way to bring people together. We might just have time for one more outdoor movie before the temps get too cold at night, though we'll need sweaters and blankets, and maybe a fire.  Choose a movie that works for your audience, whether its all ages or just your Wes Anderson fan club, string up some lights, and set out a basket of blankets. Keep everyone happy with their own popcorn box, a bottle of coke with a striped straw, and a few cushions to snuggle up on. And when it does get too cold, just recreate the feeling on the living room floor! OutdoorMovie2

1. Quilt// 2. Lantern String Lights// 3. Fantastic Mr. Fox// 4. Coca Cola// 5. Sweater// 6. Popcorn boxes//

7. Striped Straws// 8. Outdoor cushions// 9. Wicker basket//