Visual List: Dia De Los Muertos

Here in my neighborhood, there will be a Dia De Los Muertos street festival this weekend. Known to us Anglos as Day of the Dead, this traditional Mexican holiday (also celebrated in other world cultures) celebrates and remembers friends and family who have died. It is celebrated on Nov. 1 and 2, which corresponds to All Saints Day on the Christian Calendar. But here in the Westside, we like to get a head start on things! In fact, one of the best restaurants and grocer, Los Alamos, almost always has these wacky metal sculptures of skeletal characters for sale outside. Traditionally families leave beautifully decorated sugar or ceramic skulls at the graves or altars of their dearly departed, and that is the inspiration for all of my wacky Muertos finds. DiaDeLosMuertos

1. Booties// 2. Skull Print// 3. Pillow// 4. Loteria dress// 5. Sugar Skull Planter//

6. Hair Pins// 7. Alphabet Book// 8. Tote bag// 9. Sugar Skull Garland//