Visual List: Apple Picking Essentials

I've been on some grand apple-picking outings that were leisurely and romantic. Last year was one of those times, not to mention the yearly trips to the local orchard with my grade school class in Canada. This past Sunday, unfortunately was not one of those times. We managed to choose the afternoon of the day of the weekend that the weather turned from mild and partly cloudy, to hot and humid. We picked some apples, had a cider slush, and then we hightailed it out of there. Here are some apple picking essentials for an afternoon of lounging and picking in the orchard when Mother Nature cooperates. Apple-Picking

Hat// Pendleton Blanket// Plaid Shirt// Vintage Thermos// Picking Basket//

Poetry of William Butler Yeats//Rain Boots // Kerry Gold Cheddar// Outdoor Folding Knife