I’ve been thinking lately about Mushaboom; the Feist song where she sings about her daydreams of life settled in the rural town of Mushaboom, Nova Scotia. She dreams of the babies that haven’t been born, the flowers not yet planted, the house tucked away in the woods.  When she sings of the realities of where she is, “second floor living without a yard,” and “a man to stick it out and make a home from a rented house” it resonates. While I absolutely love my man and our rented apartment home, I’ve been fighting the constant human temptation to be always thinking of the next thing, the next phase, that elusive time when things will be settled, in other words, Mushaboom. My Mushaboom may be more about a house up the city street, than about one in Nova Scotia, but really it's the same dream. We all have a Mushaboom, a someday dream, and we always will. Once we get to Mushaboom, we'll find another thing to look to, to dream about. Don't get me wrong, I love dreams. Dreams are good; keep dreaming them. But how do we learn to be happy with this right now moment? The answer, I'm afraid, is so simple, that we pass right by it. The answer is gratitude! Contentment! Carpe diem! When we are grateful, we can be content and seize the moments we are in to live them to the fullest.

So, while I work on those things, I repeat this line from Feist’s song to myself,

“We’ll collect the moments one by one, I guess that’s how the future’s done…well-earned soul"